Monday, January 23, 2006

Save the Earth....but

So I'm all for saving the earth - you know - recycling, reduce, reuse. More fuel efficient, lower emissions cars. Okay, I use disposable diapers, but you can't use cloth with daycare. Anyway, Jason just called to tell me he got the Passat fixed so it can pass emissions now. Over $300! $%#$%&#%$ WTH? Over 300 bucks to fix something that in another state (or section of Maryland) it wouldn't matter a bit!!! I only recently learned that the whole emissions testing thing is not something that most states participate in. That is just so not fair. Okay, so maybe Maryland is doing it's part to help the environment and every little bit does help, but it's ridiculous when most Americans don't have to do anything about it and can drive their gas hogging, oil burning cars without ever having to spend any money to make its emissions better.

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Katie said...

That is frustrating. Have you heard about the famous Kyoto agreement? It's a treaty that provides for Global emissions testing. Environmentalists are mad b/c the president won't sign it, but his official reason for not signing it is the same as you mentioned in your blog. China and India are exempted from the agreement. Umm hello, China is the most populous and industrious country on earth! What's the point unless everyone joins in-- and why wouldn't they? Things like that should me mandatory across the board or else it's useless. Gee whiz, I think this emissions testing stuff has touched a nerve with me!