Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ridiculous Young People

So during my daily walks on my treadmill in the evenings now, I get to do some channel surfing. Usually I just watch reruns of Friends, but on the commercials, I flip. So last night I got hooked during a Friends commercial break on MTV's True Life. I've always liked that show because it is a true reality show. If you've never seen it, every episode is a different topic like "I want a gastric bypass," "I'm going to the prom," "I have an eating disorder," or "I am addicted to steroids" where they follow a few people around who are dealing with the topic of the day. Last night's was "I'm Moving to NYC." It followed 3 different stories of early 20 somethings on their quest to live in the Big Apple. One was a pair of best friends and their's was the most realistic. They both were from Ohio and knew how hard they were going to have to work to make it. They got an apartment in Brooklyn b/c Manhattan was too expensive and both worked 2 jobs and saved as much money as they could. They were cute b/c they were so proud of themselves for making rent every month and being able to have fun every now and then. They were the only ones I liked.

The other 2 people profiled, I LOVE to HATE HATE HATE. The first was a girl fresh out of college who was moving to NYC to work in the fashion industry, but didn't have that great of a job. Through the course of following her, she goes on crazy shopping sprees, blows her money on $400 pairs of shoes, $200 shirts, and then wonders why she has no money. She talks about how her rent is $1300 (gulp!) and her parents PAY FOR IT - she pays for the "other stuff"! They also front her money when she calls and complained about her $500 electric bill. At one point she gets a $1000 check from her aunt as a gift and she blows almost all of it on 2 items of clothing. She really thinks she making it on her own and is so independent. She was even paying for drinks for all her friends on her parent's credit card! I couldn't get over it.

Then the 3rd guy was relatively fresh out of high school from Wisconsin and was a model w/ a contract for an agency in NYC. The guy was a total F-up and cocky as hell. He has almost no money b/c he blows it all the time and he is late to every meeting/casting he has. Then he is supposed to go to Milan for Fashion Week for work, but he can't get a passport b/c he has a warrant for his arrest for having so many traffic tickets that he has never paid. All the while is mom is continually sending him money. The good thing about this one is he ends up being arrested and can't leave the state of Wisconsin. At the end you see him playing in dirt piles b/c he has nothing else to do. But he still thinks he's going to make it in modeling. The photographers that worked with him were interviewed and they all talked about what a punk he is.

So basically, I was astounded again at the incompetance of 2/3 of these young people and how much their parents are enabling their childlike behavior. Do they realize that by continuing to pay their kids bills and let them pretend to live like adults only makes them less able later on? Believe me, I'm all for supporting your kids emotionally and loving them, but that does not mean you bail them out of all their problems. Kids (and adults) need to learn consequenses for their actions.

On another MTV show note, have you seen that show "Super Sweet 16" that profiles girls whose parents throw them lavish sweet 16 parties. I love to hate that show. Oh it's terrible, but amazing. These girls are so self righteous b/c they are rich and are totally the most spoiled rotten brats you will ever see. Hats off to MTV though for showing these people for what they really are. They don't sugar coat it at all and make it pretty obvious through editing how obnoxious these girls are. I guess these girls are so self absorbed they can't see that MTV makes a semi-mockery of them by showing their tantrums and selfish behavior. I guess all they see is "I'm on MTV!" Definitely watch an episode if you want to get fired up!!!!

Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox.

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Katie said...

I didn't see the NYC show, but I did see one episode of my sweet 16. It was crazy! It was like a $200,000 party. I could not believe how spoiled the girl was-- and her mother was just as bad!