Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Part-Time Momma

So I applied for some part-time jobs at some local schools last night and talked with my supervisor about it today. I've been saying I wanted to work part-time for a long time now and never acted on it. But last night, sitting and cuddling Bryce and listening to Caroline sing, I realized that I will never get this time back and I will never wish that I worked more. So I put the kids to bed and came down and did various internet searches for part-time higher ed jobs. And lo and behold there were 2 that have some potential. And thanks to the wonderful online world we live in, I was able to upload my resume and cover letter instantly to both. My supervisor is also very supportive and is even trying to see if there is any way they can create a position for me there, even though doing that for a state office isn't the easiest thing. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I just want to be home more than I am at work.

Lately, Caroline has been into saying things are "bootiful." I love it. Like this morning. "Oh there's Mommy's pocketbook. That's bootiful." I'm sure tomorrow when I take her to have blood drawn for her 2 year bloodwork, she won't think that is very bootiful. I'm DREADING it already b/c she hasn't had blood drawn since she was in the hospital in March. She's going to cry so hard. Then we have to take Bryce to the allergist for a follow up appointment. His skin looks pretty great and I've cut out all the nuts/peanuts. I also have cut out most of the milk and eggs, but don't do the super ingredient sleuthing that some people do. He gets little rashes here and there, but we put a little of the ointment on it and it's gone the next day.

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