Saturday, January 28, 2006


So Jason and I seem to get a large amount of solicitors coming to our door trying to sell us stuff. We usually don't answer the door, but sometimes we do by mistake thinking it's a visitor we were expecting. So I put a large, 'NO SOLICITORS' sign on the bottom of our storm door hoping that this would deter them. Well, it didn't work this morning. There were some kind of evangelicals going door to door in our neighborhood and we watched them from our bedroom window. Sure enough, they came right up to our door and rang the bell and stood there for way too long. What is up with this? Maybe they aren't selling a physical product, but they were attempting to "sell" their religion to us. I just don't get it, can't they read? I guess they just don't understand what the word 'solicitor' means. I'm sure they knew we were home too b/c Caroline decided to run around yelling. Not that I care. We made it clear we don't want anyone trying to sell us stuff. (BTW, if your cute kid wants to try and sell me something, I don't mind..I'll buy stuff if I know you. :) )

So I've had a few people they enjoyed my 100 things about me post. Especially #99 about me lipsyncing in middle school chorus. Oh what a torture that was. In middle school, we had the choice of band (I played the violin), chorus, or general music. General music was known to be painful since the teacher was a jerk and it was mostly boys who didn't sing or play an instrument. All the girls were in the chorus I guess b/c it seemed the girl thing to do, even if you really couldn't sing. So I sat there all those days and had to sing along to songs I hated. And b/c I didn't care, I often lipsynced. Who was going to know? I never had to audition or sing a solo. We sang such awful songs too. One year we sang "The Rose." All the pre-teen girls thought it was the most romantic song ever. UGH! What a sappy horrible song. We even sang a few religious and holiday songs that would never be sung today. I remember a couple of girls that were always trying to get the teacher to let us sing New Kids on the Block songs. [insert eye roll]

The teacher was a bit nutty too. Her name was Ms. Panagokus. She was an aging woman who had thinning black hair and could really play the piano. But she was pretty crazy. She liked to tell us weird stories about how she broke her hip breaking up a fight and how many pins were in her hip now. Funny thing is, I remember the lyrics to so many songs we sang and they occassionally get stuck in my head when I least expect it.

And thinking about music teachers makes me remember one I had in elementary school. Ms. Bruce was such a large and rotund lady that instead of sitting on a piano bench to play, she sat on a student desk. And when she would get mad, she would turn beat red. She was the person in charge of the 4th/5th grade chorus too and without fail, it sang the same songs EVERY year she was there. (My mom had 3 of us at that elementary school, so imagine hearing the same songs at the winter and spring concerts for about 9 years straight.) My fave was "Fifty Nifty United States" and thanks to her, I can still recite all 50 states in alphabetical order in less than a minute. But even worse, on a day that Ms. Bruce was sick, we got stuck with a substitute, Mrs. Canfield. (Apparently she was a county-wide sub, b/c Jason had her at his elementary school too.) She wore nasty polyester pants suits in loud colors, was very tall and had strangely large facial features - including a Mick Jaggeresque mouth.) She always made us sing songs from music books from the 1950's. "Hail Hail, The Gang's All Here" will never be played with conjuring up images of this nutty woman. I can still remember her loud and particularly bad singing voice belting out that song.

In the end, I can't imaging how torturous it must have been for parents to sit through the concerts of these choruses I was a part of. The songs were horrible and I'm sure it wasn't exactly a soothing listening experience. Plus, they were sitting on hard chairs and had to suffer through a performance of the elementary or middle school band - honking and squeaking through indecipherable songs. Can't wait until Caroline and Bryce are in these, but then, I'll probably be so happy to see them on stage I won't care. I wonder if either of them will lipsync their way through a performance?

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