Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fruit Salad...Yucky Yucky

So Caroline is totally into the Wiggles these days (still loves Diego though) and has been going around the house singing the Fruit Salad song. So yesterday at lunch, she was finished her meal and I asked if she wanted anything else. "Yes, fruit salad!" So I opened a can of mandarin oranges and mixed them with some canned pineapple (I'm Martha Stewart, I know!) and served it to her. And just like I suspected, she took one lick of a piece of pineapple, made a yucky face, and pushed it away. I don't know why I bothered. She is such a picky eater. But I think it's karma, b/c I was too. Although I always liked fruit salad. The Wiggles would like me better. Ha ha!

Went to Target this morning and only spent $32! Of course I had $60 in gift cards/exchanges. But the main reason I went was to get this:

It was on sale for $38 and I thought it would hold oh so many toys. I got to the store and there were NONE left. So I went to ask for a raincheck and lo and behold, they had one in the back! Jason put it together and it's already holding toys!!!! Oh boy, it holds all of her new blocks, Mr. PotatoHead stuff, Dora action figures, big books, puzzles, and lot of other odds and ends that you don't want to throw into a toy box. And it will make it easy for her to get out and PUT AWAY!!! We're getting close to starting to switch the living room for the den (turning the den into a playroom), but we want to get a new computer desk first.

Bryce had his first experience with the exersaucer. I didn't even think about it b/c we didn't put Caroline in it until after 5 months, but he loved it. He can't do much yet, but he likes sitting up in it. He just sat there and gurgled and smiled. He was really not too into the swing anymore and I think maybe he had worn the motor out. He is heavier than Caroline was at this age, so maybe our swing has about had it. It just doesn't swing as fast or as far.

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Katie said...

That is a GREAT shot of Bryce! What a smile!