Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday again.......

If you didn't know, work has been absolutely crazy lately. We are in the middle of several programs having deadlines and we have been inundated with transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes and PHONE CALLS! I have been exhausted at the end of the day. Oh I'm always so happy it's Friday and before I know it, it's Monday morning again. Oh I wish I worked part time. It's so frustrating that there are so few professional part-time positions out there. I keep reading that it's changing because of people needing more flexibility in their lives and that there will be more. Will be? Why not now? Right now, the only part time options really out there are if I want to work some job I would get paid $10/hour for. Ummm, that doesn't exactly pay the bills if I work 3 days a week. I am skilled, why can't I work 3 days a week? I just hate how our society is so quantity based and working 5 days is seen as the most productive. Studies have shown that if people are given more adequate down time, that they perform better in the time they are at work. I just don't have the spare time right now to start up this paradigm shift. Do you?

Caroline ane Brycey are doing just fine. Caroline keeps spitting out these sentences that are so many words long I can't believe she is only 2. And she's got the words memorized to so many songs now. She now thinks it's HILARIOUS to get out of bed after you put her in. And then she'll get up in the middle of the night and we'll wake up to her running around our room looking at us. Now I know why I'd scare the crap out of my mom when she was in a dead sleep and I'd creep into her room.

So if your kid listens to the Wiggles, how many of their songs do you have stuck in your head? All day today, I couldn't get "Shaky, Shaky" out of my head. Oh and don't get me started on that "Friendly Pirate Ship" song. The stuff is like crack. Once it's in there, it's not getting out. It's a good thing I'm a Wiggles fan though. Especially the BLUE wiggle. Mmmmmmm! Ha ha ha!

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