Friday, January 06, 2006

A few more..

Here are a few more I remembered:

Apple-puss - Octopus "Henry the Apple-puss"

Doe-ah and the baby and 'nother baby - Big Sister Dora and her baby brother and sister

Bob-clof - washcloth "I'm washing my boogie nose with the bob-clof."

Tear-o-line - Caroline

Oh and I just have to add, the kid cracks me up when she calls me by my name. For example, today, she was sitting on the floor and I was at the computer. She says, "Wanna play Mommy?" I told her just a minute. "Wanna play Mommy?" Again, I told her just one more minute. "Wanna play Er-ka?" :) She is way too smart.

In Brycey news, the little guy is just so happy lately. Yeah, when he gets mad, he still gets really mad, but when he's happy, he's very happy. He even wakes up gurgling and chirping. He loves to suck on those little hands and will pull anything he can get his slobbery hands on to his mouth. Of course then, when he can fit it completely in there, he gets all mad.... Babies!!!

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