Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bend Your Knees and JUMP!

Caroline's new trick is to "jump" off of her step stool. I put it in quotes, b/c she's not really jumping. Instead, she stands on her stool and says "JUMP!" and then steps off. It's really cute. So I was trying to teach her the technique. I told her to bend her knees, push off with her toes and JUMP. I helped her do it a few times too. So now she bends her knees and says, "Bend your knees and JUMP!" and then steps off. She'll get it eventually, but it's just too cute how much she likes to do it now.

Seems like winter has returned to town. Although this January has been the 3rd warmest on record. I can't complain, I don't mind not having to deal with the hassles of snow and 2 little kids. A day off would be nice, but it has to be a lot of snow for that to happen. Just a little snow just turns everything into a pain in the butt. Only like 2 more months of winter. Geez, that is a long time.

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Katie said...

Sorry you are "headachy" today. ;-(