Monday, January 09, 2006

Baby It's Mild Outside

Hmmm, it was almost 50 degrees when I left my house this morning. No, I'm certainly not complaining! I don't mind a mild winter. Yes, I would like a snow day, but honestly, I just don't like the added hassel of snow. I don't love driving in it (who does?) and when there is snow everything is so messy with the kids - especially in the morning. Rain isn't much better though. It's supposed to be pretty mild all this week. We've had a decent amount of snow the past few winters, so maybe this one will give us a little break?

Today was Howard Stern's first show on Sirius. I got to listen for about 40 minutes on my way to work. It was pretty funny and while a few of the people were dropping the F-bomb here and there, it wasn't obnoxious. Although there was definitely some mature content that you could not hear on regular radio. But it started my day with a lot of laughing and made my commute very fast (almost too fast!!). Jason gets to listen at work b/c he sits and does his job with headphones on.

Bryce only woke up once last night. Hooray! I really do think he might be cutting a tooth. His drooling continued yesterday and he just can't get his hands in his mouth fast enough. If it is teething, I hope he gets that tooth soon. I can't take 4 more months of this.

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