Friday, December 09, 2005

Not Enough Snow!

Well we got enough snow to make it nice and wintery and Christmasy looking, but not enough to keep me from having to come to work. At least we got another delayed opening. We came in at 9:30am on Tuesday and 10:30am today. Not so bad, but I would have loved to have had a day at home with the kiddos. I was even thinking maybe I could use the day to make cookies since Jason and I have eaten almost all of the ones I made the day after Thanksgiving. (BAD US!)

Caroline is still in Dora/Diego La La Land. She has hardly even touched her other birthday gifts. She's just so into these little action figures. I want to play with the Fisher Price Zoo, but she just wants to play DEEEE-AAAAAA-GOOOOOOO! (As she says it!) I even went online the other night and printed out pictures of him for her to color. She's just obsessed.

Brycey is over his nasty cold and had his doctor's appointment on Wednesday for his skin. It's definitely eczema and we have an appointment with an allergist for the 21st. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's just a random case w/o any food allergies. We shall see. But he's really turning into a happy baby these days. They are right about the 3 month mark being a turning point. He's so smiley and laughs a lot. He just gets so happy to have someone talk to him too. It makes me want to kiss him all over.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go down to the Inner Harbor to Tuba Christmas which my dad plays in every year. But it's outside so we might not go until the very end and then have dinner w/ my folks b/c I don't want to freeze Bryce!

Oh and my mom just booked our beach house for the week we'll be going down to the Outer Banks in September. I'm so excited! It's 8 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, beachfront, private pool (with kiddie pool), game room, and hot tub. It's going to be so fun. We're going down with the Melonas clan so Zoe and her new brother or sister will be with us. Caroline is going to have a ball sharing a room with Zoe. And Bryce will be a year old. Holy cow!!

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