Saturday, December 31, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, STAY IN BED!

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I hope you had a nice holiday season. Our's was a bit crazy w/ running all over and managing 2 little kidlets, but now it's New Year's Eve. And what are we doing? Happily staying home. I've never wanted to stay home on New Year's before. I've never had 2 kids before either. So I'm sitting here sipping a Melonball and listening to Caroline chirp away upstairs. She is spending her first night in her "big girl" bed. We put the bed on the frame and put her pretty new sheets and bedspread (courtesy of Bertie) on the bed. I got her bed rails today too. She seemed to like it at first but when we left her in there she cried and got out. I put her back in and was expecting to do that a few times, but she stayed in. Now she's up there singing and talking to her multitude of stuffed animals that keep her company each night.

We'll have to report how her first night went tomorrow. The crib is still up in case exhausted parents need to put her in it in the middle of the night. Keep your fingers crossed!

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