Sunday, December 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Caroline is 2!! I can't believe it! My sweet baby is growing up so fast. Tonight we're having the grandparents and both uncles (the aunts aren't in town) over for a birthday dinner. We already let Caroline open some of her gifts....a Fisher-Price Tea Set, a Care Bears backpack, a Wiggles CD, a Dora coloring book, a Barney Christmas book, and a Dora Christmas book. We got her Diego and Boots too, but I'm going to wait until my mom is here and gives her Dora or Caroline would be asking where Dora was all day. She was so excited about the tea set and has been playing with it all morning. She's been bringing Bryce cups of tea constantly. I don't think she can wait until he can play with her.

Bryce is starting to feel better too. He had a very rough day yesterday with his cold. Jason and I think that he got a 2nd one after the Thanksgiving one b/c he was better a few days and then he was so congested yesterday. But we got him vaposteam and decongestant nose drops and he's like a new man this morning. :)

At about this time 2 years ago today we were just starting the pitocin to evict Caroline.

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! Wow, 2 years goes by so fast!