Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thanksgiving Week

It's the start of one of my favorite weeks of the year. I've always loved Thanksgiving and now with having little kids, it's even more exciting. I get to share all of my excitement for the holidays with them. Caroline is going to love all the festivities and now she's finally starting to get old enough to participate and understand. We've already taken her to see Santa and now we've got decorating, cookie making, and gift wrapping to do. I think she's going to be a Christmas lover like December babies are just wired that way.

I am getting close to being finished with my Christmas shopping too. Thanks to my handy dandy Christmas gift excel file I am so organized and on top of things. I've done a lot of online shopping this year too. I just don't want to be rushing around the last weekend before Christmas. I hate dealing with the crowds of unruly drivers around the shopping centers. I can't even imagine going into Toys R Us now! Have you seen those places? AH! I went in mid-November and it was very busy.

So it's off to the favorite week of the year...HOORAY!

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