Wednesday, November 30, 2005

End of the 4th Trimester

Well, Mr. Bryce is 3 months old and has made it to the end of the "4th trimester." According to a lot of experts, this is when colic (if the baby has it) usually ends and they become happier. I agree for the most part, but Bryce is still not as serene as Caroline was at this age. But that is Bryce...he is definitely his OWN person. When he's happy, he is so happy. His smiles are just adorable and he even has been letting us hear his sweet laugh lately too. But when he's mad, oh boy is he mad. He can get redder than a tomato in 1.2 seconds and scream his head off. I keep telling Jason that if I am going deaf when I am older it is because of all the times Bryce was screaming in my ear!

We're also concerned about poor Bryce's skin. It seems he's constantly getting rashes on his face and has dry skin patches on his body. At first I was freaking out that it was food allergies, but after doing a lot of reading I found out there is a good chance it's not. Apparently, LOTS of babies have this and many grow out of it. Only 10% of eczema cases are caused by food allergies, most are unrelated. So we have a doctor appointment next Wednesday, but I've been using Aveeno for Eczema and I'm starting to see a difference in his skin on his body. I've also been getting recommendations from other moms to use Cetaphil cleanser and cream. I hope it's just that Bryce has ultra-sensitive skin. My poor boy! To top it off, the kid can't keep his hands off of his face and he scratches himself up, no matter how often I trim his nails. I swear it looks like he's been in a fight w/ a cat.

In other news, both kids are almost over their colds and starting to feel more like themselves. Caroline is getting excited for Christmas and her birthday too. On Friday night we put the tree up while the kids were sleeping and on Saturday morning Jason took Caroline down to see it. She took one look at it and said, "Oh, Christmas! No presents yet!" It seems this kid has Christmas in her blood like her mommy! I can't wait until her birthday on Sunday b/c she is going to LOVE the gifts we got her. She's so into tea sets, backpacks and Diego right now. Plus, my parents are making her a kitchen for Christmas which I think will become the best toy ever for her! I can't wait!

Don't forget..Rudolph is on tonight! Caroline's first viewing! Even Jason is excited about it! :)

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