Monday, November 21, 2005

Brycey No Sleep

So why does Mr. Bryce choose a Sunday night to not want to sleep? He had a very nice Friday and Saturday night he could have done that. And I think it was just because he wanted our attention. I love the kid, but man am I exhausted. And with Caroline, if we let her fuss for a little bit, she would go to sleep. Not Mr. Bryce. He is VERY persistant and gets pretty darn mad. Of course, then you go in and check on him and he's got big tears and he looks so cute. Oh the joys of being a parent to young children. I'm so sleepy today....thank goodness it's a relatively slow week here at work.

Oh and Caroline's new word is "Nope." You ask her any question and she'll look at you and say, very assuredly...."Nope." Jason was amazed yesterday when she was looking at a book and said, "I see horses. I see cows." Then she closed it up and said, "I saw horses, I saw cows." Past tense! How about that for a not quite 2 year old? I love my smartie pants!

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Katie said...

I hope that he will sleep extra tonight since he was up last night!