Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Back At Work

So I am back at work and doing pretty well. Kids spent Monday with my mom and did just fine. It was nice working Monday knowing that I was off on Tuesday. And today, I made it out of the house with both kids in tow by 7:05am! Both were in happy moods and we had no problems. Of course all that can go wrong in an instant, so I just take it one day at a time. I've talked to my daycare provider, Cathy, twice already and they are both having good days too. Apparently, Caroline went down for her nap at 12:30 and decided to lay in her pack and play and sing until 2pm. Boy does that kid love to sing. Her new favorite is Jingle Bells.

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Katie said...

Okay, that is an adorable picture!! His personality is really shining through. Dare I say that Caroline seems to look more like you and Bryce seems to look more like Jason? Not that I would pigeon-hole their looks just yet-- only Mom and Dad can do that, but based on the photos I've seen so far I am leaning that way. So cute!!