Thursday, October 06, 2005

TT = Terrible Twos & Temper Tantrums!

So Caroline threw the biggest tantrum yet yesterday. And what caused it? I took away her Mr. Potato Head set b/c she kept putting the smaller pieces in her mouth after I told her not to. So I took the bucket and hid it and she threw the fit to end all fits. So I basically ignored her for a while and after she smacked my legs, I took her on a one way trip up to her crib where she proceeded to scream for another 15 minutes before passing out for 2 hours. (She woke up happy as a lark!)

Those times really try my patience. I keep reading to ignore them and the kid will get the picture that they aren't going to maniuplate mom and dad that way. Apparently even trying to console them gives them positive attention for negative behavior. So I can handle these tantrums at home and I hope she'll figure it out so she doesn't throw them in public. (That is one of my big fears!)

I really think it's a combination of her wanting things and the sibling rivalry. She shows nothing but love and interest in Bryce, but I think Jason and I get the short end of the stick sometimes. She is very easily frustrated when we can't play with her or help her if we're holding Bryce...especially when I'm nursing him.

So what is UP with the darn weather? It's so humid I feel like I could melt. I'm ready for FALL. I hear it's coming tomorrow!

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