Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No More Coffee

So it took me a while, but I finally figured out why Bryce was so cranky today and just would not sleep (or would not sleep for very long.) I had a big cup of coffee for breakfast! Poor kiddo! Dumb mommy! But see, I couldn't resist. Jason only drinks the high octane stuff and I had gotten some yummy gingerbread coffeemate. Oh I love it. What am I gonna do tomorrow morning?

Bryce is getting to be more and more alert these days and just lights up when you talk to him. He really does have the cutest smile. And Caroline continues to talk her little head off. It cracks me up when we go out in the garage and she points and calls out, "WEEDWHACKER!" The kid knows more garden tools than a lot of people. She's also figured out how to call the "operator" on her Elmo phone.

So I've started teaching Caroline some Christmas songs. Right now we're working on Jingle Bells. She loves to sing and can really carry a tune, so I figure that there are so many Christmas songs, we just HAVE to start early. What can I say, we're both Christmas babies and we LOVE Christmas.

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