Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Heart Ikea!

We went to Ikea yesterday to get this chair for our bedroom. Ooooo, I love Ikea.

It's the Pello Chair and it was $29.99! It is comfy and such a nice looking chair. How do the Swedes do it?

Caroline spent her first night at Sandy and Tom's last night. We're going up for the afternoon to see them and get her. I am willing to bet she wore them out. Sandy has 4 cats and all Caroline wants to do when she is there is chase them. I'm sure it was a wild night!

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Christine said...

Hey Erika- just found this and it's great!!! I hope you can keep it up- what a great idea. It'll probably be much easier when you're back to work and have more uninterrupted computer time. See ya on CM!