Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My First Entry

Well I decided to start my very own blog to kind of document my life as a working mom of 2. Although I'm not back to working yet. Baby Bryce is just over 3 weeks old and Miss Caroline is 21 months. (Where has the time gone?)

Anyways, I thought this might be a fun thing to try out and see if I actually keep it up.

Today my mom came and got Caroline and took her for her "Tuesday with Bertie" day. I'm okay with that since Caroline had a tough day yesterday and needed a lot of attention that I couldn't really give her b/c of nursing Bryce so much. So I'm sure she'll have a great day with Bertie and I'll get a bit of a break. It's funny b/c back when I first had Caroline I thought I was so busy. But now I realize how EASY one baby is. Being a mom at home with 2 under 2 is no joke.

But even though my hands are full, my heart is full of love. And that is what matters.

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