Wednesday, September 28, 2005

1 Kid = Productive

So Caroline went to daycare today and I was home with just Bryce. I feel like I got so much done! I finally got around to cleaning up Caroline's room from when we moved her in and didn't get the odds and ends out of the closet. I also got a lot of stuff put away around the house and am in the process of waiting to hear back from Purple Heart so I can schedule a pick up. We have so many clothes and such to donate. Once I have a set date, I'll probably even go through my clothes again and get rid of more stuff. Of course my wardrobe over the past two years has fluctuated so much b/c of being pregnant for 18 months of it. I remember telling myself last fall that I would get new clothes this summer since a lot of my summer clothes are old....little did I know all the new clothes I would be buying would be maternity! I still need to take the maternity clothes out of my dresser though. Not a task, I feel much like doing. I always hate switching out clothes at the ends of seasons too, but then I feel so much better when it's done. And I need to reorganize my closet really badly. My crazy looking pile of sweaters and piles of shoes keep taunting me everytime I go in there.

I think Jason and I are going to get our first date night out since Bryce was born on Saturday. Jason's parents want to see the kids and since Bryce is a month old and I've been able to start pumping, it seems like a good time. I don't know what we'll do. I'm sure Sandy and Tom will have a ball with the two kids. Although I'm sure they forget what a handful a toddler and newborn are when you put them together.

Oh and I have to give props to my new favorite show. I just LOVE the new Martha Stewart talk show. It's on at 4pm, so I'll have to give it up once I go back to work (although I think they re-run it at 6pm on TLC - like I'll have time to watch it). The show is really different from other talk shows and I like how candid Martha is about what she went through. Personally, I am glad to see her having such great success right now. Not that what she did was right, but I don't think she got a fair sentence. There are so many other people out there deserving jail time that never get it and she got it for a white collar crime that occurs quite often. Go Martha GO!

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Katie said...

I don't know why, but I love Martha too! She just seems likable to despite her bad rep. I will have to TIVO her talk show along with her Apprentice show.